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Justo Headshot Resized.jpg
Justo Sepulveda

Loan Officer


Jessica Headshot.jpg
Jessica Rivera

Loan Processor

My passion is making the Mortgage Experience BETTER,  making it the BEST experience we can.

I also believe that a good experience does not end the day your mortgage is funded, but more importantly continues on through support and feedback. 


As a mortgage broker, I work for you! You will receive dedicated support and care through the entire process, whether it be simple questions or helping you from start to finish on your first home.

Being prepared when purchasing a home and applying for a mortgage is very important. Having your documents ready will make the process go smoother, most importantly it will reduce the stress of running around trying to find documents with a deadline fast approaching.


I will work along side you to help you understand and collect your documents, it is important to have them ready in order to further reinforce your application.

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